Live Room

The heart and soul of Rolling Stock Recording Rooms is our beautiful sounding mudbrick lined tracking room. It’s a flexible room with big windows, moveable booth walls and various lighting options. It also houses our prized 1938 Steinway B grand piano.

Connected independently to each of the control rooms, the live room can host everything from soloists through to multiple artists spread right throughout the Rolling Stock complex.

The remarkable sonics of the space are always commented on and its inherent flexibility makes it suitable for everything from big band jazz to punk rock, classical ensembles to traditional jazz, pop to experimental art noise.


Control Room 1

Designed and fitted out by Myles Mumford, Control Room 1 is a luscious sounding room with lots of warm wood and perfectly tuned acoustics.

It features a 32 i/o UAD Apollo system, an array of custom built equipment – including a custom Neve summing console and – of course – fantastic monitoring with Event Opals, Amphion one18s and Grover Notting CR2s.

48 lines connect the control room to the performance space, 40 channels of mic preamps, an extensive selection of vintage and modern microphones, excellent outboard gear and an inspiring and fantastic listening environment all make for a great production room.


Control Room 2

Designed and fitted out by Tomas Strode, Control Room 2 houses a beautiful selection of guitars, amps, keyboards and instruments in a beautifully controlled acoustic space.

The control room features an isolation booth for overdubs, as well as 48 lines that connect to the studios Live Room. The room has a 28 i/o RME system, along with over 30 channels of mic preamps, an excellent selection of microphones and monitoring with Event 20/20s, Adam T7Vs and Yamaha NS10s.

With a huge selection of real and sampled instruments, an isolation booth and connection to the main recording space, this room is perfect for music production, overdubs, mixing and mastering, as well as full band recordings.



Avacan is a recording studio built into a 20 foot shipping container. This prototype for a production line of similar studios now resides within Rolling Stock Recording Rooms.

The studio is comprised of a control room and an isolation booth with operable walls and doors that allow the space to convert into a single room depending on the daily application.

The permanent audio equipment revolves around Focal monitors and an RME converter with various outboard 19″ rack and 500 series units. 6 ins and 2 outs connect the isolation booth to the control room and a further 20 ins and 4 outs connect the live room to Avacan with a collection of preamps to suit.

Avacan is suitable for full band recording from the live room and works equally well as a standalone mixing, production and overdub suite.