A versatile studio dedicated to producing results based on quality, not genre.

Located in the heart of Collingwood – one of Melbourne’s most vibrant inner-city suburbs – Rolling Stock Recording Rooms features a large, versatile mud brick live room surrounded by three fully equipped production rooms.

Built in 2015/16 by Zvi Belling, Myles Mumford, Tomas Strode and Jem Savage, along with support from a large community of friends and family, Rolling Stock’s ultra flexible layout allows for a diverse range of recording and production processes.

The exposed mud brick walls, large windows and bi-fold movable walls of our unique live performance space allow the room to be separated into three separate spaces, or used as one large open recording space, depending on the needs of the artist.

The live room also houses Rolling Stock’s prized 1938 Steinway B grand piano, originally owned and played by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. The piano is regularly tuned and serviced and is available to anyone who uses the live room.

The three separate control rooms that surround the live room are completely independent and purpose built to suit the individual work processes of Myles, Tomas and Zvi, with one set up as a record/mix/master room and two with isolated vocal/instrument booths.

Each control room is fully wired to the main performance space and all feature extensive audio production equipment, microphones and instruments.

Rolling Stock Recording Rooms has produced works by a number of well known and respected members of Australia’s vibrant recording scene including Kim Salmon, Tony Gould, Mulatu Astatke, Cash Savage, Didirri, North East Party House, Luke Howard, Australian Art Orchestra, Mustered Courage, Rich Davies, The Rookies and many more.

Zvi Belling, Myles Mumford, Tomas Strode and Jem Savage all call Rolling Stock home, along with Nao Anzai, Becki Whitton, Lilith Lane, Evelyn Morris, Alex Jackson, Andy Robinson and a select group of additional Melbourne engineers and producers.